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Knight rider battery swapping system integrates intelligent battery swapping cabinet,

WeChat mini-program, GPS and cloud platform. With infinite power supply, this system makes riders’

long distance transportation as easy as possible.

Billion-scale market 

        According to statistics, the sales volume of electric two-wheelers in China was about 33 million in 2013, 33.10 million in 2014, 33.98 million in 2015 and 35 million in 2016. Till 2016, the total number of electric two-wheelers in China was more than 250 million. The market for electric two-wheelers is pretty much impressive.


Billions of Yuan Scale Market
        The number of deliverers who registered on  “饿了么”&“美团外卖”has exceeded 4 million.  “达达” & “点我达”, two delivery business giants, also have employed more than 3 million part-time takeaway deliverers and about 3.10 million intra-city express deliverers.



       According to statistics, more than 95% of the takeaway and express deliverers choose LEVs for transportation. Given the features of high riding frequency and long distance transportation, insufficient battery life stands in the way of those deliverers. Besides, charging battery increasingly poses threat of urban fire disaster, which also contributes to the rigid demand for LEVs battery swapping service, with an estimated amount reaching up to billions of Yuan.

Applicable Area 

1.“饿了么” & “美团” registered businesses and express delivery sites periphery

2.Shops, convenience stores and chain supermarkets periphery

3.Residential area public place and office building lobby or periphery;

Target Users

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