We aim to offer LEV users an efficient and convenient battery swapping service.


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Intelligent Sharing Battery

Swapping System

Profession, Intelligence, Safety, Convenience, Built-in Fire Protection

Battery charging and swapping

7/24 unattended background monitoring

2KM layout radius, spreading all over the city 


Let’s keep your treasured LEV full of power all the time!

10 seconds switching   

Limitless endurance 

Within 10 secs, riders can complete battery swapping and get a fully charged battery. From now on, riders will never find it difficult and slow to charge a battery, and more importantly the fire disaster threat incurred by indoor charging.

Efficient and Convenient Operation

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Advanced Hardware & Software

High-end Chinese Brand Power Cell、GPS、GPRS、Smart BMS

Portable Battery


4.5KG, easy to handle with single hand

Strong Cruising Power

High Safety Performance

24/7 real-time monitoring to ensure safety

Wide Application

48V platform, applicable to the most of new China National Standard LEVs


Greenway quality battery, conforming to many authorities’ quality & safety certifications, such as CB, CE, UL, UN38.3, RoHS and REACH.

Smart BMS

Robust Power Comes from the Heart

Remaining capacity indicator

High safety performance cell bracket/holder

Automotive-grade power cell

Sleek battery housing

Smart BMS

GPS positioning

11 protective functions for cell safety

Overcurrent protection  

Overcharge protection

Overdischarging protection

Temperature protection 

Wire break protection  

Short circuit protection



voltage balancing


Record Function   

power component error Protection

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